There are better options for regular renewal breaks with this option as well.As long as the work that people do meets or exceeds the business needs, working from home can reduce office space requirements, travel costs, and technology expenses.This structural issue can also impact the motivation of the worker. A 2014 study in China found a 13 per cent increase in performance from employees working at home.Working from home can also save everyone money.

During the pandemic, while people are forced to work from home, many managers have instituted regular ‘social’ meetings – when teams engage in quizzes, sing-alongs, games, shared online meals or other non-work activities.

When there is more freedom to take breaks, then productivity levels might plummet.

Here we consider the pros and cons of working remotely.

Employees would not need to fight tooth and nail just to get to work on time.

While there are a lot of pros to remote working, there are also a number of disadvantages, and proper management of these downsides is crucial to its success, for both businesses and employees.One major downside is the lack of human interaction when working remotely – some studies have shown that, over time, employees can feel socially and professionally isolated.

Working remotely is a hot topic right now as the COVID-19 outbreak has people avoiding as much human contact as possible. Businesses can also benefit from being able to draw on a larger pool of potential employees.

Now, as in normal times, the main advantage of working from home is the flexibility it provides – for both employers and employees.

While we may get sidetracked by the office pup or cupcakes in the breaskroom, at home we have our laundry, that unfinished art project and household chores to do.
Telecommuters tend to work longer hours than in-office workers, and may have trouble switching off, especially if they do not have a dedicated home office. Companies may consider investing in specialised training sessions to help workers to maintain productivity at home and develop healthy practices, such as getting some exercise each day.One practical drawback to remote working is the issue of security. The virus will eventually subside, but it is likely that employees will continue to work in this way for a long time.

People in specific industries, such as nursing, may not have a choice in what they do because of the job responsibilities that come with their position.When working from home is an option, the advantages almost always outweigh the disadvantages that develop over time. While employees spend less on commuting (along with fewer expensive takeaway lunches and coffees), and may save money on child care by being more flexible, employers can also save money.

As companies and individual turn in huge numbers to videoconferencing platforms, security experts warn these are not necessarily safe. Over 3.6 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions are prevented from entering the environment because telecommuting reduces the need to commute. Numerous studies have shown that teleworking can increase both productivity and job satisfaction, with employees reporting an increased ability to focus amid fewer distractions.

In recent years, there has been a definite shift in the workplace, with many choosing to work for themselves, or working from home, rather than the usual nine-to-five grind at company HQ.
21 Pros and Cons of Employees Working from Home. This style of working brings with it many pros and cons, but with a bit of mental tweaking, the rewards usually far outweigh the drawbacks. Pros: Closer proximity to … This may come from feeling ‘out of the loop’ and being disengaged from day-to-day decisions. It is up to each employee to set a rigid schedule, and then stick to it to be successful.The only way to offset this disadvantage is to place the onus on the individual working from home to over-communicate what they accomplish and the work they do for their team.Working from home is an option for employees who make individual contributions to a project.

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