As Slayer continue to reign in blood, here are the top 10 songs that saw them amp up the horror 3. Perfect way to kick off Slayer's best and heaviest album!Why are Raining Blood and Angel of Death more popular Seasons in the Abyss?In my opinion one of their few, if not their only good song. The lyrics are great too!
This song maybe can instigate and free minds of pop fans.

Relentless guitar work backed by brutal drum work. A real classic indeed for any hardcore people who likes fast and heavy stuff.If you don't head bang to this song something is wrong with youRaining blood is barely 3 minutes long without those rain effects at start and end.

I have no idea how it's not in the top 10 because it really deserves to be up there. This is much better. Silent Scream one album before is basically the exact same song except with a better chorus.This is, in my book, the absolute best song in the Slayer catalog. Awesome song!On September 11th 2001 I stood at the rooftop of my office building in manhattan and watched as the twin towers fell. Same for Angel of Death.If you are young and weren't around when Slayer first started putting out albums, maybe Raining Blood is the first song you heard so it is "special to you" or something, and you thereby think it is the best. WHo on earth said "great riffs by King"?

Is production really that important to you guys? Highlights the problems of Seasons in the Abyss (the album, not the song)There are so many words to describe this song you could say amazing, ingenious but the best way to put it is once you hear this song it sticks with you. Probably my favorite Slayer song of all time.Probably one of the most underrated Slayer songs out there.Why is this track over-hated? I think it's a great, groovy tune.

Although the track is mostly instrumental, 'Hell Awaits' grabs you with a Satanic grip as is drags you down into the fiery pit. Many of you might scream about Raining Blood to be here but NOPE not for me cause it's the most overrated song in thrash history... World Painted Blood tops it all!Absolutely mind blowing slayer song.. Then I bought God Hates us all.

Another fanboy incapable of reading the writing credits in the liner-notes.

Hanneman wrote the entire thing.Slayer's masterpiece. This is the most real personal song they ever have written.Slayer should make more songs like this one, with a cool riff and ryth, not like the crazy ones they make, like the number one in this list.Kerry King's backing vocals are heard here. He danced with them first, then ripped off their heads then their faces and used them as his mask. When people talk about the heaviness, aggression, riffs, intro found in this song, they tend to forget how horrible, almost embarassing the solo is. Thanks Jeff H. RIP bro!Their best war song in my opinion. As awesome as the track may be, please refrain from actually committing suicide ... this song sounds better to the living.As somewhat of a return to form for Slayer, the band unleashed 'God Hates Us All' in 2001, with 'Disciple' instantly becoming a fan favorite.

Seasons of the Abyss does deserve to be higher than this, but I feel like War Ensemble is better than Angel of Death.This song is epic not because it is evil like raining blood but because it represents the struggle of good or evil. Much like some of their earlier works, Slayer creates a hellish atmosphere with 'Seasons in the Abyss,' with the feel of the track complementing the title perfectly.

You just Can't.What? The crowning Jewel in the slayer lexicon, worthy of reverence in the American songbook.

Slayer’s masterpiece. In a true #1 song by any band, there should be one of the greatest riffs of the band, one of the greatest vocal performances, solos, drumming etc. Choosing the 10 best Slayer songs is a difficult task, considering the band's prolific career. This has a really really fast section, a break section, chaotic solos and the 2nd is also awesome. Epic beginning and deserves to be up there with the classicsSounds a lot like some underground british 80s metal band, definitely awesome.Awesome badass intro followed with delicate riffing and epic lyrics just an all round epic song from their first album also drums are killer in this one which has many tempo changes and beat changesAll the atmosphere of Seasons but with a more villainous riff and a more haunting melody.One of my favorite songs of all time, I can't believe its this low on the list.I think top 5 Slayer song. And it’s absolutely amazing.Most all of the best ones are Jeff's work but this one is Kerry's masterpiece. Belongs in the metal Pantheon in my book.How is at dawn they sleep under jihad and south of heaven? Enough said like bro...? Only raning blood and angle of death are better than this.
The unforgettable yell of As Slayer's first full-length album, 'Show No Mercy' features at their very-most raw. If they aren't found in the same song, there should still be some balance.

Having unleashed a brand of unforgiving thrash metal for over 30 years, For all Slayer fans, 'Mandatory Suicide' is no less than a mandatory listen. That is another interesting thing about this song.The shimmering of the high hat at the start is what got me hooked and the rhythm of the vocals is just addictive, definitely in my top 5 slayer songs, I can't believe its not higher.

I love my music being so dark that I can feel it seeping off into my ears and affecting my very soul, blackening it a little bit more.This riff aside from Mandatory Suicide's riff is the most wicked sound in Slayer's entire discography. I get chills down my spine.

Anyways, this song has loudness, heaviness, chaos, and pure ANGER! Better than Raining Blood in my opinion.

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