Transparent CD tray. Dezember 1998 durch Beschluss der BPjS indiziert. Wer in Deutschland wohnt und das Album trotzdem haben wollte, musste es sich im Ausland besorgen. Divine Intervention is the sixth studio album by American thrash metal band Slayer, released on September 27, 1994 by American Recordings.The album's production posed a challenge to the label, as its marketing situation drew arguments over its explicitness; to give them time to decide over its style, the band released the live album Decade of Aggression. is it better ? the sound is just like cd and the artwork blown up and rendered for the vinyl looks sooooo good ;) \m/ referencing Divine Intervention, LP, Album, RE, RM, 180, 0600753441589 This is far superior to the CD version which is muddy and compressed. 00BV0W8USX10 0602537352227 (2013) is secretly remastered when compared to 000062Y91X24 314 586 800-2 (2002) non-remastered. “Divine Intervention” saw Slayer coping with the 90s, and undecided whether to stay loyal to their original sound/concept, or molding it to fit the then-current popular taste. Art. Divine Intervention hat 10 Tracks und dauert 36:38 min (also etwa wie die S.o.H.). Clear vinyl from Nuclear Blast Records.

The song "213" refers to the number of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer​​​​​​'s apartment. Divine Intervention Divine Intervention ist in Deutschland aufgrund der Inhalte der Lieder SS-3, Circle of Beliefs, Serenity in Murder, 213 und Mind Control seit dem 16. I brought up 'Hell Awaits' because it has the most in common with 'Divine Intervention'. This is far superior to the CD version which is muddy and compressed.

314 586 800-2 is extremely violent and loose while 0602537352227 is compressed but louder.

As for myself it's a mid 90's thrash gem that stood very strong at a time when most thrash bands folded, changed to repetitive boring groove metal or worse hard rock/country rock like Metallica during that era. A lot of people disregard DI only because of the "strange" production, the band had done it themselves not Rubin as usual. We all know the history behind the recording and mixing of this album. I think this was the last of the "classic" Slayer albums. Never heard Slayer sound this good. The box set from 2003 had half the album on it re-mastered... god I hate record companies. Data Correct Matrix: CPCD-5172 IFPI LZ74 ООО "Сони ДАДС" Лицензия Роскомнадзора № 77-339 IFPI ALB24. It's false advertising to say an album is re-mastered, and say it includes a voucher to download the entire album, when the download is NOT re-mastered... that was my whole point of buying this, was to finally get a re-mastered digital copy of this album! Is that the sound is the same as the origin? Es gibt keine Bonustracks. – 1:50 – (Musik: King / Text: Araya) 03 – Fictional Reality – 3:38 – (Musik: King / Text: King) 04 – Dittohead – 2:31 – (Musik: King / Text: King) 05 – Divine I… You can hear what the album was supposed to sound like I believe with this pressing. Very clean and quiet pressing. I'm so disappointed I ccnan harrdly typpe Is this remaster great ? Divine intervention is a phrase, especially utilized in religious or otherwise spiritual context, describing a miraculous turn of events, that has been put to effect by a higher being.. Murder. It would have sounded different back in the day if Slayer paid more attention. Die komplette Seite 2 der LP ist Grund für die Indizierung wegen Nat.ionali.smus. Back "18+" sticker. Araya's lyrics to … "Divine Intervention" wurde 1998, vier Jahre nach seinem Erscheinen, in Deutschland indiziert. Killer pressing. Aside from sounding like Slayer, they don't really sound alike, but they have significantly more complicated song structures than their albums they're most known for (Reign … Every instrument is more audible and clear but working together for a true sonic assault.

1. Anyone else have a bit of blood red sprinkled on part of the record? 01 – Killing Fields – 3:57 – (Musik: Kerry King / Text: Tom Araya) 02 – Sex. Artwork and inner sleeve is awesome as well. It is a popular tool in literature, known as deus ex machina. “Divine intervention” always describes a deity intervening in the affairs of humans, from influencing the turn of events in the favor of someone to even directly manifesting before the eyes and ears of people.“Divine intervention” has a large history, going back to the classical era, appearing in theater plays, as well as the religions, such as Christianity.In the English language, the theme started to appear in wider circles during the 14“Divine intervention” as a phrase started to appear in religious literature during the early 19The phenomenon had been discussed in philosophical circles as well as secular discourses, analyzing events that had appeared to be guided by a higher consciousness, notably occurrences of great distress, that had ended well.The phrase had also been adopted into popular culture, through various mediums, such as songs, titled “Divine Intervention” from bands like

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