Synthaya , Phanatic Wingman - Cyborg Mantra Freak Control Vs Mystic - Dancing Together Synthaya & Insignia - Phenomena |EP Katharsis - Babu Babo Spinal Fusion & Hypnocoustics-Enigma
Relativ - Rise of the Garuda (Doppler Shift Rmx) Aster - Genesis Profound Records , Akasha , Spectree ,Close Encounters Zatzak - Zero | EP

Less Is More - Flying Like Dandelion

Profound Records supports the upcoming generation of musicians, talents and DJ's along with the prominent names in a profoundly way. Luma

Razzek, Zap Attack You are welcome to submit your demos to using a private SoundCloud link. Spinal Fusion , Hypnocoustics Attik - Battle Cinema EP Strange Blotter ,Dopamine Machine Mental Broadcast, Spinal Fusion Synthaya , Terraspin Nemo - Positive Sensations Mystic - The Idea Official Website : Nemo Music , Ilai Headworks - Technical Problems | EP Zatzak & Exolon - Out Of Order

Katharsis , Profound Records , Shakti In Machory

Synthaya - Faces | EP

Manifestor & Static Illusion - Wake Up In A Dream Yar Zaa - Worlds In Collision | EP Freak Control , Profound Records Strange Blotter & Mystic - Ozrayen

Katharsis , Profound Records , Babu Babo , New Point Bevatron - Ethereal Frequencies EP Love & Light

Since the beginning our journey has been an … We are very happy to present you with a gorgeous EP called " Geodong " from a very talented artist OwnTrip.

Profound Records believe in sculpting and delivering high-quality sounds by retaining and preserving the psychedelic scene universally. Katharsis , Profound Records , Zulu Kabbalah Strange Blotter & Dopamine Machine - Distorted Dreams Alpha & Omega, Electric Gene Profound is a unique service that allows you to create customized, data-driven industry reports by enabling the purchase of the exact information you need, … Spinal Fusion and Mental Broadcast - Mind Expansion | EP

With a commitment to support the upcoming generation we have offered many artists the much needed platform to share their music with the rest of the world. Doppler Shift , GeneTrick Spinal Fusion Live @ Boom Festival 2018 - Portugal - Full Set (HD)

Less Is More - Oscillating Thoughts Profound Records , Ancient Tribe , Feel The Force V.A. From these humble beginning, Profound Records has been able to establish his name among the prominent international record labels with an increasing number of followers & a solid reputation which was also marked by #37 position in 2014 by Beatport tracker on Top PsyTrance Labels list. Altus - Cool Robot Mystic - White Powder | EP Profound Records has been constantly evolving and is always on move not for just another release but for productive and new genuine artists that would like to build a long relationship with us. SPIRIT POSSESSION is a new raw and erratic black heavy metal entity emerging from the old school origin depths. Profound Records an epoch with a vision to endeavor and comprehend the mechanism of psychedelic system that teaches to flourish, propagate and seasoned universally and diffuse its witnesses with an optimal and eminent catalogue of propound sounds of corridor......

D-ther - Bring The Rain EP

Spectro Senses - Invisible World

Zatzak & Doppler Shift & Strange Blotter - Erosion

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