My avg was closer to 3.90 per mag which gives an rpm of 461.I did the same thing for the single fire mode and came up with almost exactly the same figures. You can now compare weapons side by side in the app. Burst mode does have a delay which reduces the effective rpm. Then the damage profile is 20/15/10/10. (Don't ask me why, I have no idea. app from Mutant Media and from videos posted by TheXclusiveAce. But, if a user is 16% more accurate with the MP5, they would have the same ttk.For body shots, the reverse is true. 2 shots in a burst. You would need to be 29% accurate with the MP5 to achieve the same results.On the reverse, the MP5 has 21% faster ttks to the upper torso. Input the changes you want to make in the input fields and the output fields will automatically compute and populate the results.

(on the main page only) Deleted the secondary shotgun tab. It's possible that they didn't test that particular combination or the devs missed them in the update. 16 mags times 30 rounds per mag equals 480 rounds per minute. You can swap between speed and damage and core vs multiplayer using the buttons at the bottom of the comparison page.Updated ranges for Fennec and CR-56 based on update to HEYPOTATO! I believe that the SKS and EBR had the same change to their damage ranges in Warzone as the Dragunov, but I have not found a source that has verified that.This is where I'm going to voice my opinions and views on whatever I feel like writing about.Press J to jump to the feed. Napisz recenzję, a taniej dokupisz opakowania do kompletu wiązanie chusty dla dziecka. 8/23/2020 - Most recent weapon balance changes are live on the site (Bruen & ISO changes). See the changes on the "smg + ranges" tab at the bottom.Do you have any info on TTK at different ranges for these guns? Oddball ammo attachments or fire modes that no one uses are darker than their standard counterparts. This will be much more accurate than using a stopwatchI understand your frustration.
It now matches the HDR.HDR - lower torso damage increased, it is now a one shot kill anywhere in the torso in multiplayer.Kar 98K - increased damage range, faster ads speed and slightly less hipfire spread.MK2 Carbine - slightly increased damage range and faster movement speed.FAL - got a damage increase at the closest distance but also got an additional damage range drop.Dragunov - faster ads speed. Added columns for Shots to kill for the head and chest at 100, 200, and 250 hit points.Shot to kill info is automatically computed and populated. But I'm sure that data will become available eventually.Corrected errors in the ttk for headshots @250 hp for a few of the dmrs.Added bullet velocity for the smgs, lmgs, dmrs, and sniper rifles. Warzone WEAPON DAMAGE GUIDE (Ranged TTK, DPS, Chart & Tips For Top Classes) - Modern Warfare 2020 - Duration: 7:47. So it doesn't give players any reason to change the way they rank the weapons.As a general rule: The longest barrel will provide the fastest bullet velocity and the monolithinc suppressor provides the second fastest velocity. So in a perfect scenario, In a real world interaction, other factors would have a more noticeable affect on the outcome. Assault Rifle Comparison. EXAMPLE: 1st shot (delay) 2nd shot (delay) third shot.They did use computations for those fields in the sub charts. But in my experience it takes an average of 10 shots to actually kill an enemy in the game. It uses the same data damage data as the main tab. But if your accuracy with the MP7 drops below what it would be with the MP5, the MP5 wins.This is where I'm going to voice my opinions and views on whatever I feel like writing about.Press J to jump to the feed.

It is unlocked at Tier 31 as a free weapon available as part of the Season 4 Battlepass.

So 60 seconds divided by 3.75 seconds per mag equals 16 mags a minute. The P90 has a super high velocity but other factors keep the P90 from being meta, so it doesn't make the P90 any more usable.
We reveal the best places to land in Warzone.

The extreme distances over which Warzone encounters take place makes for a sniper’s playground. His love of Italian food is matched only by his love of Excel spreadsheets. But I'm sure that there are things that I missed. It is at the far right if you use the arrow keys or at the bottom of the list if you use the menu at the bottom left.FAL increased headshot damage in it's secondary ranges. Simply fire it as fast as possible. Also, no one has had time to root out the stealth changes that comes with each update.

Info taken from the HEY POTATO!

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