If yes, How do it do?I had that exact impression. Releases associated with those options are then selected to define which releases will be included in the plan.Next, the teams to be included in the plan are selected, and a default team will be created for each project.Finally, the issues relating to the selected releases are listed, allowing the user to pick out which issues they want to include in the scope of the plan. Portfolio promises to save you from wasting time copy & pasting over and over again. I tried running a report from the Initiatives Project to detail all issues but the scope report is not displayed as a report option although an Atlassian search refers to such a report being available. Scheduling issues by manually moving them was long time requested and helps a lot.But Atlassian made some assumptions that hit us really hard.Stages and Skills are gone. However, Portfolio can be used to manage roadmaps for virtually any type of project or workflow, from building a house to managing the growth of a company. Clarity Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) Integration with JIRA Integration of Clarity PPM with JIRA helps enterprises closely couple the product management and development teams. Multiple options can be used at this point. From my experiments, it seems that JAR only a...Hi, I've been using Jira Advanced Roadmaps for a month or two now, but mainly for organizing a view across projects into initiatives and epics, and hypothetical scheduling. So in Jira Portfolio, you can combine the work from multiple agile teams and roll them up into larger initiatives. This allowed managers to plan out work across multiple projects, and allocate work so that timelines were maintained and release dates were met.However, whilst the key concepts were in place, the synchronization between portfolio plans and the JIRA projects they were made from had to be maintained manually, which made it very difficult to keep portfolio plans up to date. :/ I am using Jira Software Cloud Standard, and isn't the Premium. So if Jira changes, your roadmap changes as … These dependencies can be clearly seen in the ‘Schedule’ view by clicking on one of the issues to which it relates, and seeing the related issues also highlighted within the Portfolio plan.Whilst Portfolio for JIRA brings in information about releases already available within projects, new releases can also be defined from the plan view (i.e. Portfolio concepts Hi,  I've changed the interface in one of my plans in Jira to the improved one (advanced roadmaps). There’s clearly a timeline there. With Portfolio for Jira, you can estimate your team's velocity, and target start and end dates for long-term plans. Hi. Am now starting to experiment more with scheduling and dependencies. It provides a constantly updated, real-time view of progress across multiple teams and projects within an organization, allowing managers to have an up to the minute view on whether or not work is on track to meet release dates.It also provides a sandbox environment that can be used to assess the impact of change within a project on release timelines without actually making those changes to the referenced projects.The first release of JIRA Portfolio, first available within the Atlassian Marketplace (Atlassian’s version of an Appstore for their applications) back in May 2014, provided users with a plan that gave visibility over a large number of projects and teams within JIRA – a “portfolio plan”. How can I prevent the planning algorithm to plan issues during vacation times of the as...Is this a feature that will be added? We've decided to remove it from this post.I am attempting to upgrade to Advanced Roadmaps. You can even add potential new team members or contractors as virtual hires to see the impact on the team's velocity.Allow Portfolio for Jira's advanced scheduling algorithm to optimize your roadmap, even when details including who will do the work and what level of effort is involved are still unknowns. at Portfolio level, potentially spanning more than one project), and thus cross-project releases can be created. A fantastic option you couldn`t find in any other product elsewhere. :)I think one does not recognize when designing it. We have rapidly expanded our product family over the past year and have more choice for our customers than ever when it comes to solving how they plan, track, and communicate work across teams. Example: Epic with a ton of stories underneath it with estimates Stories have different fix version...The Improved Planning Interface from Advanced Roadmaps doesn't work with Team Member holidays anymore. I am unable to export my data to Excel which is functionality I had in Portfolio for Jira. Product Manager, Portfolio for Jira Server and Data Center Rhys has been working as a Product Manager at Atlassian for the greater part of the last four years. I'm using the new interfa...With the new UI I can't figure out a way to have the roll-up estimates respect applied filters?

Can it test tool? This prevents project managers on the ground from seeing their projects being mysteriously updated without there being a clear opportunity for users at Portfolio level to keep them informed.Further, it allows Portfolio for JIRA 2.0 to act as a sandbox environment, where changes can be made to issues at the Portfolio level and their impact on release timelines, etc.

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