If 2001 was an important year for Ultra Boys, 2002 was something of a middle year for the group, but perhaps also an entrance in the tough reality a serious group must face. We are an ultra’ group and as every other ultra’ group we identify with the original ultras mentality in southern Europe. In the semifinal against Västerås the group made the first advanced choreography ever in Swedish bandy. In the early year they started to get a mentality and when the summer came the group Järfälla Ultraz was incorporated into Ultra Boys.

After the summer in 1999 two passionate guys started painting a banner which would get consequences for the whole supporter scene in Sweden and its progress. Hammarby eventually added a third stripe when it discovered that Göteborgs RF used a similar green-white flag with two stripes.When Hammarby IF founded its football club in 1915, it determined the kit to be the following: a white hat with a five-pointed green star, a white shirt with "HIF" on its chest, white shorts and black socks.In the 1960s, the club changed from blue shorts to black. If we can’t reach a clear decision we vote and let the majority of the leaders get their will through. Hammarby IF DFF are the women's football club affiliated to Hammarby Fotboll. Over the years the group has involved around 80 people, today it is about 35-40 more or less active in the group.

#football #stickers #hammarby #bajen #ultras. The leaders of Ultra Boys now made clear that the group never again would be repressed or get their rights as supporters denied without active resistance.
Here many of the natural rights for the supporters is heavily denied. The group consists of about 40 members and the number is constantly raising. We want all others supporters to be aware of the problems we are facing.

It drew inspiration from two other competing rowing clubs in Stockholm that used two blue and two red lines respectively on a white flag, but chose the colour green since it represented hope.
In the end of the football season 2001 Ultra Boys made their first scarf, a video film was made with the best from the gold year and during the bandy season they also made a hood and a T-shirt. В начале 2012-го сложная ситуация возникла вокруг гандбольной команды Хаммарбю. The group wanted a more serious look – clear criterion for membership was made and five leaders were chosen.

The yellow and black colours were retained for the away and third kits. February 11, 2020. When the group began to grow and become more organized, we chose to change the name to the more Hammarby similar Söder Bröder (The South Brothers). Released in 1979, it was performed and co-written by The club is known for its vociferous fans. The group grew bigger and in the late year 2000 the group opened their first webpage. Read more posts (6 remaining) 21 posts In the Hammarby did not return to the second highest league until the Hammarby would stay in the second tier in 1991 and 1992, but in 1993, the team finished in first place and were promoted to Allsvenskan. Visa fler idéer om Bajs, Krita, Sodas. Between 1896 and 1925 the title was awarded to the winner of "Bajen" is a short form of a mock-English pronunciation of "Hammarby".Cratz would later be cheered upon and praised by Hammarby fans in 2002 when he managed Swedish competing team

All financial resources from our activity are being directed into the group and is being used for things that improve us as a group.

Ultra Boys has a committee consisting of five members who all have been a part of the group for a longer period of time. Discussions are good but pure fights between groups are not good for Hammarby or their supporters.

We have no perfect relationship to any of the other supporter/ultra’ groups of Hammarby.

Ультрас-группы: "Ultra Boys" и их молодежная группа; "Soder Broder'98"; "Hammarby Ultras'93"; и новая группировка "E1 ultras". We want to make Hammarby the proudest club to represent. We have mixed and transformed this style to the conditions in Sweden and in that way made our own mentality.

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