This is backed up with its fantastic typing not only offensively but also defensively, as Durant's typing has only one weakness, one immunity, and many resistances. Iron Head hits astonishingly hard due to its decent Base Power and the boosts provided by Hustle and Life Orb or Choice Band. Durant's shallow physical movepool is a letdown as well, as it's left with only four viable moves: X-Scissor, Iron Head, Superpower, and Rock Slide.

With Swarm, Durant's Attack is still respectable, but the only move that receives a boost when Durant's Focus Sash activates is X-Scissor.

Aegislash is a bulky attacker that can utilize Toxic or Choice Specs to wear down or break through teams for Durant to clean late-game, while also pressuring Ghost-types that resist First Impression, such as Gengar, with Shadow Ball. Durant is a lesser-used but powerful Bug / Steel type in the 1v1 metagame, with very good stats that match its archetype very well. Durant also has access to Hone Claws, which not only raises its already high Attack, but raises the accuracy of its moves, removing the appalling downside of Hustle. Durant's Speed is enough to outspeed the majority of the relevant metagame, such as both Mega Charizard X and Y, Meloetta, and Mew, allowing Durant to pick up KOs before it gets hurt.

Its other … Iron Head is Durant's best STAB move, as it has a chance to flinch an opponent. Thanks to Hustle, Durant's Attack is higher than any other Pokemon in OU and with its good coverage, Durant is almost impossible to wall. Durant's power and potential vary depending upon which ability you use; with Hustle, it gets a free Attack boost at the cost of a drop in accuracy, negating the effects of Intimidate. Durant aims to be used as a wallbreaker that can use its immense power, above average Speed, and good coverage to break past traditional answers to Steel-types like Rotom-H and Doublade after it comes in … In exchange, Durant can threaten Dark-types such as Bisharp and Hydreigon that can try to take advantage of Aegislash. Durant finds its niche in OU as a high risk, high reward Pokemon. X-Scissor hits common Dark-types such as Hydreigon and Krookodile without having to resort to the stat-lowering Superpower. Durant has utterly awful special stats, meaning it can't even take a resisted special move well at all, while using a special move is out of the question.

Thunder Fang is another option to hit bulky Water-types such as Suicune, Vaporeon, an… In addition, it sports a base Speed stat of 109, making it faster than most of the tier and allowing it to just barely outpace Pokemon such as Rock Slide can hit Flying- and Fire-types such as Mandibuzz and Chandelure on the predicted switch, although staying in on any of these is not recommended.

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