Some of them were created from stones that were infused into objects which turned the object into a Youma. Negamonsters are the monsters of the week sent by the Negaverse. Sailor Moon took the opportunity to use Moon Healing Escalation, which healed the monster and caused her transform back into the young girl she once was. Sailor Mars soon correctly realized that this was no ordinary monster: she was an evil spirit "born of old fanatical jealousy." The maiden from the Heavens and the youth sealed the monster in this lake with the power of their love. She used her Akuryou Taisan attack to place an anti-evil scroll on the monster, then used Fire Soul to completely stun it.

After seeing Usagi, the monster went after the Tsukino family. Sailor Moon took the opportunity to use Moon Healing Escalation, which healed the monster and caused her transform back into the young girl she once was. Eventually, the hosts would be unable to hold their original form and the Daimon would take over their body, transforming them into terrifying creatures. The Sailor Senshi (with the exception of Sailor Moon) arrived just in time to rescue the family. Sailor Saturn (セーラーサターン, Sērā Satān?) The queen told Endymion to investigate, which he did right away. In Sailor Moon, Monster of the week is a colloquialism used to refer to monster sent by a major villain's henchmen (such as Jedite or Emerald) to help them steal energy for their particular purposes. They were also incapable of speaking aside from repeating their name, or short forms of it, reflecting on their subhuman and/or bestial natures. See the list below. Leo the Lion and Soul Shadow are the first male Negamonsters, and interestingly enough, are not sent to absorb energy, but rather to kill Sailor Moon and to find the Moon Princess (respectively). After Also, the Youma under Jadiete and Nephrite's control were independent of humans and could be destroyed, while the majority of Youma under Zoisite and Kunzite's command were humans unwillingly transformed into Youma until Sailor Moon healed them, turning them back into humans. (Note: Misha and Janelle retained their names after Malachite transformed them) Ancient Creature of the Lake - Healed by Sailor Moon using Moon Healing Activation, releasing the spirit of the girl who became the monster. Although he was extremely frightened, Kenji attempted to protect his family by standing up to the monster. Though they also aim to kill her, Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Ninjana - Healed by Sailor Moon using Moon Healing Activation. She had finally been freed of her ancient jealousy, and she ascended into the Heavens. She had finally been freed of her ancient jealousy, and she ascended into the Heavens. The Lake Monster's seiyuu was Aya Hara. Luckily, Endymion arrived dressed as Tuxedo Kamen and threw a black rose through the air which hit the monster and loosened her grip on Kenji. Unfortunately, this caused her to lose her concentration, allowing the monster to attack her with its tail. The Lake Monster's seiyuu was Aya Hara. Malachite's monsters are all people turned into monsters, which must be healed by Sailor Moon. Unlike the manga, most of the Youma in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon did not have names and were summoned in an inconsistent manner. He told them to back off, but Sailor Mars said that this was in her domain. She said, "It is an old story that's been passed down through the generations. Monster of the week is colloquialism used to refer to an enemy or enemies that appears in a formulaic series. You may want to ask in Ask The Tropers about whether it's safe to recreate. Endymion called forth the spirit in the lake in an attempt to harness its power for use by the Dark Kingdom. After giving her speech, she told Tuxedo Kamen that he was a good person for protecting Usagi. Although she was not a true youma, she is often considered to be one due to Endymion's attempt to use her in a way similar to the Dark Kingdom youma. 1 Veena.

Only Jadeite and Nephritecreated a youma to find the Silver Crystal and gather energy. Besides Seven Shadows, Zoycite can turn other people into monsters as well. One disguised itself as Mayumi Osaka, who sold jewels to steal energy from the customers, before she was destroyed by Sailor Moon.

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