On “ball w/o you,” 21 Savage reflects on multiple past relationships and realizes that he has become disillusioned with love, which he considers artificial. So that’s where that came from. I ain’t gon' lie—it ain’t about her, but certain shit that I’m saying in the song, me and her done had them discussions. I don’t want your love, I want your loyalty.’ I done had them discussions with her. How To Ball Lyrics: Hundred bricks, on my face card / (Struggling for the motherfucking traps in the trunk nigga) / Yeah nigga, 21 savage nigga / I showed the young nigga how to ball nigga / Shawty Now I gotta ball without you (21) Now I gotta ball (21, 21) [Verse 2] You crossed me once, it's fuck you forever (Straight up) Like, I done talked to her when we was together about, ‘Fuck your love, Amber. Now I gotta ball (21, 21) You crossed me once, it's fuck you forever (Straight up) Middle school got my heart broke Stop writin' love letters (21) Now I gotta ball (21, 21) You crossed me once, it's fuck you forever (Straight up) Middle school got my heart broke, stop writin' love letters (21) Hard cold, yeah, so cold had to buy the Moncler sweater (Oh God) ​ball w/o you It’s not just about her.21 Savage Clarifies Whether Or Not “Ball W/O You” Is About Amber Rose 21 prefers loyalty because he believes it demands a higher level of mutual respect than love.Fans assumed that 21 was solely rapping about his former relationship with It ain’t really about her, it’s about just relationships.

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